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Chicken-Swiss sandwich with sun-dried tomato pesto mayo

Hearty sandwiches on good crusty bread have always been one of my weaknesses (and Paul’s too). Really, we could live on interesting cheeses, fresh raw or grilled vegetables and mixed greens (and sometimes, free-range, sustainably raised, fresh meats) all piled onto crusty artesian bread slathered in a recent mayonnaise-based sauce. Unfortunately, a sandwich of this complexity can be one of the more expensive meals if you get the good bread from the bakery, and the fancy cheese and the high-quality meat from the deli. But we treated ourselves last night. And here OS what we created: chicken breast with Swiss cheese, mixed greens and a sun-dried tomato pesto mayonnaise.


Recipe for sun-dried tomato pesto:

8 oz sun-dried tomatoes (dehydrated/dried, not packed in oil or water)
1/4 c extra virgin olive oil
1/4 c grated Parmesan cheese
2-3 cloves garlic
Salt and pepper to taste

Place all items in a food processor or blender and blend until desired coarseness. Add additional olive oil if necessary to alter consistency. Use as is on pasta or sandwiches, or blend at a 1:1 ratio with mayonnaise for a creamier sandwich spread.

To make chicken-Swiss sandwich:

Sautéed chicken breast in olive oil, salting and peppering to taste. Toast desired bread (we used a La Brea French loaf from the bakery at our Kroger). Spread pesto mayo on both sides of bread, add thinly sliced swiss cheese to one slice of bread, and place cooked chicken breast on top of cheese (to melt cheese). Pile with mixed greens and top with second slice of bread. Enjoy while still warm!

Post Script (for those interested in the process by which the recipes on this blog originate):
This is probably the most collaborative Paul and I have ever gotten in creating a meal for a single night. The process went something like this.

Paul: How about some sort of turkey melt sandwich?
Jess: What about something with sun-dried tomatoes?
Paul: Chicken would probably go better with sun-dried tomatoes.
Jess: And we need a type of cheese. What about Swiss? And then we could pile some mixed greens on top.
Paul: So, use like a bakery, French bread or baguette?
Jess: Probably a loaf that we can slice would work better.

…And then we went to the grocery stores.


Cooking With Kids: Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Probably the most difficult aspect of my cooking club at the Crestmont Boys and Girls is balancing between meals that are simple enough for young children to be able to do, yet complex enough that there is enough things for the kids to do to keep them busy.  It is a very fine line to walk.  The whole purpose of my cooking club is to be able to provide them with easy recipes they can duplicate on their own at home when they are left to fend for themselves for dinner.  However, if they are too simple they get restless while we are cooking, and then I have to deal with bored kids running around the kitchen while I am showing one person how to cut onions and another how to saute chicken.

Today for cooking club we made chicken salad sandwiches.  This was a good type of recipe to do with a big group of young kids because it involved a lot of chopping vegetables into tiny pieces, which they dove into full steam.  One thing I have found out about adolescent boys is they love to use knives, and as long as you supervise adequately you can keep them focused for a pretty good amount of time.  I was also lucky today because one of the older kids came in to help, so he cooked the chicken and worked with some of the younger kids so I barely had to watch them and could focus my attention on my 7 year-old trouble makers.

All in all it was a very simple recipe, pretty much your standard chicken salad sandwich.  And the kids really seemed to like it, which is great in a recipe like this that has so many vegetables.